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Firm Culture

We are firmly committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service.  A crucial part of that commitment involves providing a work environment in which our lawyers can work efficiently and comfortably.  The lawyers at Reno & Zahm share a commitment to family, friends and community that equals their desire to excel professionally.

The most important skills are learned “in the field”.  We recognize this and during the early stages of every new lawyer’s career, we provide abundant opportunities to observe and assist in complex transactions and litigation which would otherwise be off limits to a new lawyer.  We also routinely host lunchtime workshops for associates in which practical topics are discussed and valuable skills shared by the firm’s experienced partners.  Associates at Reno & Zahm enjoy an extra level of confidence knowing that these same experienced lawyers are always available for collaboration and support.

While we do not pair new lawyers with specific mentors, we strongly encourage mentoring relationships to develop informally.  History has taught us that the most effective mentoring relationships are developed between new associates and the partners or senior associates with whom the new lawyer works most frequently.  In addition, we have a strict “open door” policy.

We believe community involvement is our responsibility.  It is critical that we give back to the community which has given so much to our law firm.  Our lawyers are encouraged to become involved with charitable, cultural, civic, and political causes.  New associates will find our lawyers contribute to a wide variety of causes of their choosing.  Each and every attorney at Reno & Zahm devotes time contributing to the betterment of our region through their efforts outside the office.  We offer guidance in choosing the right activity or cause for new lawyers who are unfamiliar with our community and all it has to offer.

The Rockford metropolitan area and surrounding regions are filled with vibrant communities, a diverse population, and successful businesses; these regions are comprised of our friends, our families, and our clients.  The City of Rockford and immediately surrounding metropolitan areas boast a population of over 250,000, which is large enough to offer everything you need without the overwhelming feel of some larger communities.  The region offers nearly all the social, cultural and recreational activities of a much larger city, yet without the headaches associated with big-city life.

Good lawyers excel when they work in an environment they enjoy, with colleagues they respect and for clients and causes in which they believe.  This is the atmosphere we work hard to create and maintain.  Our quality of life is evidenced by our exceptionally low attrition rate.  Most of our lawyers began and will end their careers here.  Reno & Zahm and the Rockford region offer an outstanding environment in which to work, play and pursue a rewarding legal career.